Ursula Eagly 《SELF MADE MAN MAN MADE LAND》(2012-2015)

UEagly_%28c%29AnjaHitzenberger_2013Mar26_070.jpgNY在住のダンサー・演出家Urusla Eaglyとのコラボレーション作品。2012年8月にニューヨーク州Mount Tremper Artsで初演後、Chocolate Factory(NY)、Whenever Wherever Festival(東京)、LocoMotion(スコピエ・マケドニア)等で公演を行っている。

PERFORMED by Ursula Eagly

MUSIC by Kohji Setoh

photos by Anja Hitzenberger

Ursula Eagly - Self Made Man Man Made Land from the chocolate factory theater on Vimeo.

2012/08 Mount Tremper Arts (NY)
Review on New York Times: ■Amid the Forested Hills, a World of Their Own

2013/02 Chocolate Factory NYC
Review on New York Times: Nuzzling (or Is It Nudging?) Their Way Through a Duet

2013/10 Whenever Wherever Festival(森下スタジオ・東京)

2014/10 LocoMotion Festival, Skopje, MACEDONIA

2015/05 Laboratorio Arte Alameda, Mexico City, Mexico